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#Physical Hosts
  • baikal

    • cyberia's first rack server, installed in CyberWurx datacenter in Atlanta Georgia
    • j3s is the only authorized support contact right now and the only one who can log into the CyberWurx portal
  • gibson

    • dynamic(ish) ip address
    • consumer grade desktop located in fack's house
    • NOTE: gibson uses port 3215 for ssh. connect with ssh -p 3215

    • dynamic(ish) ip address
    • olde desktop located in j3s's house
#Cloud Service Accounts
  • namecheap

    • fack's namecheap account is currently being used to manage DNS entires for:
    • all DNS updates are being done manually by j3s.
    • conventions:
      • A records are named after hostnames & point to VMs / physical hosts
      • CNAMEs are named after the service & point to the A record of the host the service runs on
  • CyberWurx portal

    • Allows us to add reverse DNS entries for Capsuls
    • View metrics, get datacenter information, support tickets, etc
    • Right now j3s is the only one who can log in / be authorized for support. Can add others though!

Most of cyberia's services run on Capsul, our Virtual Machine Management tool & service.

Ansible Managed Capsuls:
capsul-ay3yh10q2q  f1-xs  alpine311  Jun 20 2020  (new email server)
capsul-c04bbf593b  f1-s  alpine311  Jun 01 2020       (NSHC / North Star Health Collective) 
capsul-pfgy2tthx9  f1-xs  alpine311  May 10 2020     (postgres for forge & others in the future)
capsul-id502edkg0  f1-xs  alpine311  Apr 01 2020  (cyberia forge)
capsul-t6tfb2dh5p  f1-m  alpine311  May 10 2020 (prometheus & grafana & future logg agg)
capsul-w6hsx09r7v  f1-xs  alpine311  Aug 20 2020     (ansible bastion + build submitter)

Legacy Capsuls:
capsul-qnx33xmi6f  f1-s  debian10   Mar 13 2020          (old mail server) 
capsul-yi9ffqbjly  f1-x  debian10   Apr 15 2020     (btcpay) 
cvm-lqj2x9nxic	   f1-l  debian10   Mar 07 2020     (cyberia matrix) 
cvm-m1tjv0lljd	   f1-xs  debian10   Mar 10 2020     (websites &,

The Ansible Managed servers should have a user account for each user. The Legacy servers & baikal only have one user named cyberian, with everyone's keys authorized for that server.

Contact j3s, forest, or vvesley for more information on cyberia's capsul account.

#Host Key Fingerprints

NOTE: you can control what kind of host key your ssh client will use like this:

ssh -o HostKeyAlgorithms=ssh-ed25519
  ECDSA    SHA256:85GTFfUpDDefcNcIROtFpuTiHC1j3iNU74aaKFO03+0
  ED25519  SHA256:v9MEa97wnmA75CyzQC5lW8nOI56LJ4jTmD2f68udK80
  NOTE:    gibson uses port 3215 for ssh. connect with ssh -p 3215
  ECDSA    SHA256:/YSNMdW1oY5svUb7kBk213Le8+zUCWVIJcR11Agdtiw
  ED25519  SHA256:BIEMaNLaN8iPiB5GuBIr37Wlz+xKj3ZlUEasgFwsGQc
  ECDSA    SHA256:3XJG2fyaPDJWjnEOW3q2KiWg5qLV6hmEPczvp8GqhE0
  ED25519  SHA256:njIT2k1t6hHuOO0VjBNmHW1QSGN4GEqQQMj/BGpnBa0
  ECDSA    SHA256:IQqTPv14u3dG62hS0q2Mr6pef6KwpjPKM2uVP+SK+qA
  ED25519  SHA256:3z5BI2ZEZjzDEh0B7a2GxgMa4faqA3Y6bQdGcQp4G88
  ECDSA    SHA256:dAbABreDUpV9AG7kChcx9S6+6f+fmnhqwwInqYoxcwU
  ED25519  SHA256:nT+ISIGV95MBKkIpcHTKo30lx4qRQ0Cpu1iM3w6+Sh0
  ECDSA    SHA256:EW9ydcgLg/pwoA0GPsI0VVeIBpnSi7aIHhvXOQBa+Xg
  ED25519  SHA256:cWLBFESOHrmVFrLRLjxrY4tcPmVRerJe1SB/+6tXSxAv
  ECDSA    SHA256:KbzxzEKP21B0S3A/SKqqGmjiymnkk7byvoc6W4SxEwM
  ED25519  SHA256:M1QPflfIrsbhVlMaomvGQsr5AZS5YRkBHv+pnyI7bg4
  ECDSA    SHA256:AJb0bZN2PTTm83zf5zI1IOEIVfeXUxQl/vTode/88jA
  ED25519  SHA256:zJv6E6lG4dAsqNmDHTO/qFVlTESKYq/KD29e8Nt/6j4
  ECDSA    SHA256:VlRPAqLGxY4JUVhYirOVlfuDFtgTbaiw3x29xYizEeU
  ED25519  SHA256:BExhsVPNTp49jyJ6ezRf+Nn4TxPj8D9VZMhnjMABq6g
  ECDSA    SHA256:/tsASDZ+MX519DC/Y7mHbV2CYCPnyMAbX1e0GHBOin0
  ED25519  SHA256:B9QNCnz57agsI40tMVU8UwyvZqMbz/p1ZNH5E1gL3io
  ECDSA    SHA256:Qe1QQ2XtlKkP0pSL5qxIJp/Iosy30bJFdmE1A2YCz34
  ED25519  SHA256:r4ZZ4uct7hVb0ZD5WbJNiHv/nWCfddpQx5uwt3mhtUE
  ECDSA    SHA256:CdqdUvG0Obfdq9kkeQSETVhSJO2oCAdEAjDCydQWcDI
  ED25519  SHA256:WcjrJtvev3+rAu98TFGJoxx/CytLCg+GfEXBMVOl5Hw
#Automation (Ansible)

The Ops Handbook is still on the old git server, it is the main repo with the ansible inventory & playbooks.

Ansible bastion host/automation is on

#Service Inventory
User-oriented Name URL Developer-oriented Name Host Deployment Code Application Code
cyberia's matrix server synapse ansible/roles/synapse matrix-org/synapse
cyberia's matrix server element (used to be called riot) ansible/roles/riot vector-im/element-web
cyberia's matrix server N/A postgres ansible/roles/postgresql
cyberia's matrix server N/A irc bridge to freenode TBD matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc
cyberia's matrix server matrix prometheus exporter TBD matrix-org/synapse/metrics
nullhex email alps TBD ~emersion/alps/
nullhex email ports 25 & 587 (STARTTLS) opensmtpd ansible/roles/opensmtpd OpenSMTPD/OpenSMTPD
nullhex email (imap) dovecot ansible/roles/dovecot dovecot/core
nullhex email N/A rspamd TBD rspamd/rspamd
capsul capsul TBD ~forest/capsul-flask/
forge (cyberia's git server) sourcehut TBD ~sircmpwn/sourcehut
forge (cyberia's git server) N/A postgres TBD
cyberia's website nginx static site TBD services/website
the old git server cgit TBD
prometheus prometheus rules & ansible/roles/prometheus prometheus/prometheus
alertmanager N/A alertmanager same as prometheus prometheus/alertmanager
grafana grafana ansible/roles/grafana grafana/grafana
Jackal matrix alert bot TBD matrix-org/go-neb (forest's fork)
#LetsEncrypt Certificate Inventory

For information on certificates which are managed by uacme automatically, see and the tls_certs variable in

Certificates which are exceptions to the rule:
 - certificate is automatically managed by btcpayserver-docker
The following are managed by a script called located at `/root/`
The following are managed by a script called located at `/root/`
The following are managed by Caddy on the router which sits in front of gibson. Ask j3s or fack about this.

How to use

systemctl stop nginx ; --renew --domain; systemctl start nginx ;

The certificate expiry alerts are defined here:

The probe_ssl_earliest_cert_expiry metric is written by the blackbox exporter, configured here:


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